Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Medieval Towers of Medias - Steingasser Tower, Medias, Romania

The Tower gate to the gravel street was built between 1507-1534. It has two floors of 25.8 m in height and was given in custody to the builders' and stonemasons' guilds. It has been severely damaged in 1705 by the armies.

During the repairs made in 1745 inside the metallic ball of the tower was placed a document in which a senator of the city, Stephan Hann of Hannenheim wrote: "The faithless haze of Racotiani made us feel their inhumanity, their anger over this faithful city, both citizens and homes, the defensive walls and bastions, but the tower born from its ruins like the Phoenix bird that resurrected from its own ashes."

The repairs changed the stylistic characteristics of the tower and reduced the defensive role. The entrance of the tower is made via the pedestrian gallery from the east of the tower.

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