Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Anatolian Seljuks Madrasahs, Turkey (Unesco Tentative)

Madrasahs were educational institutions that first appeared in Islamic countries. Before madrasahs, mosques were used as schools only outside the hours of worship and the education consisted solely of making students memorise the Koran and giving them religious information. In later times, it was considered inappropriate for mosques, which were used as places of worship, to be simultaneously used as schools, and so hodjas began giving lessons in their homes.
“Anatolian Seljuks Madrasahs” comprise some of notable buildings such as İnce Minareli Madrasah and Karatay Madrasah in Konya; Çifte Madrasah and Sahibiye Madrasah in Kayseri; Buruciye Madrasah, Çifte Minareli Madrasah and Gök Madrasah in Sivas; Çifte Minareli Madrasah and Yakutiye Madrasah in Erzurum; Cacabey Madrasah in Kirşehir.
Date of Submission: 15/04/2014
İnce Minareli Madrasah
Karatay Madrasah 

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