Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Flag of Lithuania

Three equal horizontal bands of yellow (top), green, and red; yellow symbolizes golden fields, as well as the sun, light, and goodness; green represents the forests of the countryside, in addition to nature, freedom, and hope; red stands for courage and the blood spilled in defense of the homeland.

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Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Lithuania

Postcard 2 : National Flag and the State Flag of Lithuania

Historical state Flag

The earliest known flags with a Lithuanian identity were recorded in the 15th century Banderia Prutenorum manuscript, written by Jan Długosz. At the Battle of Grunwald in 1410, two distinct flags were present. The majority of the 40 regiments carried a red banner depicting a mounted knight, chasing an unseen enemy. This flag, known as the Vytis, would eventually be used as the Lithuanian war flag, and again in 2004 as the state flag. The remainder of the regiments carried a red banner displaying the Columns of Gediminas. Those that bore the Vytis, also known as the Pahonia, were armies from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, while those who bore the Columns of Gediminas were from noble families of Lithuania. Until the end of the 18th century, when they were annexed by the Russian Empire, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the successor states of Lithuania used the Vytis as their flag.

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