Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Flag of Moldova

27 August Independence Day (Republic of Moldova) 

Three equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), yellow, and red; emblem in center of flag is of a Roman eagle of gold outlined in black with a red beak and talons carrying a yellow cross in its beak and a green olive branch in its right talons and a yellow scepter in its left talons; on its breast is a shield divided horizontally red over blue with a stylized aurochs head, star, rose, and crescent all in black-outlined yellow; based on the color scheme of the flag of Romania - with which Moldova shares a history and culture - but Moldova's blue band is lighter; the reverse of the flag does not display any coat of arms.

Sender: shelty, Received on: 4 Mar, 2013, Travel time: 14 days
Flag of Moldova (2010) - Emblem of Moldova (2010)

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