Friday, 17 May 2013

Flag of Scotland

The first and real Scottish flag is a silver cross on a blue background, with the cross going from corner to corner, and it is known as the saltire. It is also known as St Andrews Cross. St Andrew was one of the twelve disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is believed that he too was crucified. The story goes that the Romans were threatened by Andrew, as they said he was spreading wrong ideas among the people, so they decided to crucify him. Andrew apparently did not feel he was good enough for that so asked for a different cross than Jesus. The cross was in the shape of an X which became the shape on the flag.
The second flag ,The Lion Rampant or the Royal Standard of Scotland (or Coat of Arms). This was a flag that was used when the monarch was around. At one time it was an offence for this flag to be flown anywhere, other than for royalty. The "Lion" represents strength and nobility and therefore this is seen a suitable symbol for our royalty.

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